Pėrshtypje nga Studentėt Euroudhėtim 2012

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Pėrshtypje nga Studentėt Euroudhėtim 2012

Nertil Balliu

The Euro-trip was a unique experience, because I met not only students from Albania, but as well from the region. Being a student in southeast Europe means that you have many things in common with your peers though of different nationality, and I realized it as I share my time with other students. What’s more important during the trip was the possibility that I was given to visit Berlin, knows as an European center of culture and art, to learn more about its history and institutions. In my opinion the organization of the tour and division in groups of different nationalities was a great idea, by combining our abilities and leaving behind the history of our countries and the wrong perception of each other. Additionally, I would like to highlight the experience I had traveling by train from one country to the other. That was a fun and adventurous time, something I’m sure every young person would love to experience. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to do so.

Entila Cuko

My experience in the Euro Trip is one of those trips that will be in my memory for a very long time. The manner in which this project was organized and administrated gave me a sense of security and I liked it very much. I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to travel and visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. During the trip I had the chance to experience diverse cultures be it from east Europe as well as from the West one. The travel to euorpe project and especially the activity in Berlin gave me the chance to interact from other peers from the region, and help others as well as myself to break down some misconceptions we have toward each other. One of the most impressive memories I have is the beauty and the historical yet elegant infrastructure of the cities I visited.

Borana Lalollari

The travel to Europe has been so far the most beautiful experience I have had. This was a trip where many new emotions emerge, as I explore the unknown, the introduction to other countries, diverse cultures and nationalities, traveling alone with a train pass in the pocket and backpack on the shoulders, as a pilgrim toward a higher happiness, making new friends, expanding the personal horizon toward tolerance and acceptance. Having this opportunity for summer holidays, right after the completion of studies, I have savored this trip the most. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such unique experience without participating in the Euro trip program, therefore a big thank you to all involved in making it possible.

Brikena Sallo

My trip starts in Prague, and beautiful antic city. My impression was experiencing live the progression of Europe’s history. All the history I have read about was alive there. I was impressed by its preservation of past and its perfect harmonies connection to the present. Berlin comes next with many new experiences, making new friends, meeting different cultures. Having the tour was a great way to know the city, which most impressed me for its many bicycles, such a nature friendly place. Having traveled to some of the European capital cities, its impressive that the expression “global village” fits right in, where the variety of nationalities is common and acceptance is a norm. Such culture made me reflect on our neighbor countries and the establishment of such tolerance is the key to a harmonies and progress in the region. Though awkward at the beginning, having never traveled outside Albania and completely alone, this trip and the organizers of this project sparked the great desire and gave me the courage to want to visit many more countries if the opportunity given.

Arbesa Kurti

The organization of the trip to Europe was a unique beautiful experience for me and a very memorable one. I was fascinated by some of the European capitals, in particular Prague, a medieval city with astonishing views. Furthermore was Berlin, which besides offering its many angles where the old meets the new in architecture and style, the cultural exchange with other youngsters was a unique experience from which I received valuable input. I met peers who become my friends and now we keep contact, as well as I learned to travel by myself in different parts of Europe through train, a great journey indeed. I would like to thank the organizers of such project for their dedication and the opportunity given, which otherwise would have been missed by many young and bright students.

Enio Ohri

This summer was surely my greatest. Firstly because it was the first time visiting an EU country and what makes this special it was the place, Berlin. I had a very nice time during the city rally, exploring the sights of Berlin and having fun with the tasks we need to accomplish. Then the open debates, we had with the guests, was meaningful for me, and together with the place and the participants changed something inside. Then, after this significant spark, i experienced a long trip traveling around Europe, a trip that can’t be described with a few words. At the end, i felt a little sad while coming back home, but this experience will stay in my memory for the whole life.

Bora Demi

Eurotrip is one of those worthy-experiences that every student should go through. It is a chance that brings you in the heart of Europe, Berlin, and gives the possibility to travel in a low-cost style through every European country. Being in touch with the local culture and people of each county is of course the main theme of this experience but adventure and new friends from all over Balkan and Europe is one of those things that I will never forget from my Eurotrip. One of the most impressing cities that I visited was Berlin, a huge city with an electric mix of modern and traditional architecture and a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. Cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Prague are also worth to visit with a lot of interesting museums and also bars, restaurants, shops and clubs for young people. Travelling through Europe is definitely the best story that I like to share with my friends.